Brittle ❤️‍🩹 Tired and Stressed Arc 😭

Brittle ❤️‍🩹 Tired and Stressed Arc 😭



#miyatwins implied #sakuatsu #sunaosa| Crack The twins were at McDonald's and Atsumu's food came without fries. He noticed that Osamu got some and reached out to grab some. Osamu slapped Atsumu's hand away and slid the fries closer to him.

"What the hell, Samu!" Atsumu yelled, "Ya don't hafta be so stingy! They're just fries!" Osamu narrowed his eyes; one by one he sucked on the fries, taking the salt off and giving them to Atsumu, "They're only fries, right?"

Atsumu stared at the soggy fries and shrugged, picking up a sliced potatoe and ate it. Osamu gave him a shocked look, Suna was recording, "What? We're twins! We share the same DNA!" Atsumu yelled. Some of the McDonald's employees were disgusted, but

It wasn't the most grossest thing they've seen. Sakusa on the other hand was revolted, standing up instantly. "Oh shit!" Suna said aloud, for Atsumu to hear. "We're breaking up!" He simply said before walking out "Omi! Noooo!" Atsumu whined, running after him.

Moral of story: Never take Osamu's fries (food)

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