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Too busy to hit the gym? Do a microworkout. Microworkouts are short sessions that improve your fitness while boosting your metabolism. Here are 16 microworkouts you can do anywhere:

1. Soleus desk raises When sitting at a desk do seated calf raises until failure. 2. Walking meetings Instead of sitting during your zoom meetings take a walk to get some extra steps in.

3. Doorway chin-ups Every time you cross the doorway to your office do at least 1-3 chin-ups. 4. Coffee planks While making a coffee hold a plank until it's done brewing. 5. Squatting to Sit Before sitting on a chair do 10 bodyweight squats.

6. Commercial cardio When the TV or youtube breaks to commercial do a set of jumping jacks or sprint in place until your program comes back on. 7. Toothbrush wall sit While brushing your teeth with with your back on a wall, knees at 90 degrees and hold until finished.

8. Stairway step ups When walking up a stairway skip a step & use your glutes to step up. 9. Squat to pushup combo Before a meal do a set of 20 bodyweight squats followed by 10 pushups. 10. Netflix hip thrusts Do a set of 15 hip thrusts while watching Netflix on the couch.

11. 5 minute tri-set circuit Set a timer for 5 minutes and do a set of 3 exercises until the timer is finished. 12. 5 rep ladder workouts Start with 2 exercises and do 5 reps each. Then do 4 reps of each exercise. Keep going until you hit zero.

13. Tabatas Set a timer for 4 minutes. Every 20 seconds do an exercise at 8-9/10 in intensity. Rest for 10 seconds. Do this for 8 rounds total. 14. Hallway bear crawls When going down a hallway bear crawl your way to the other side. Brace the core & keep your hips neutral.

15. Hallway farmer carries Put a set of dumbbells in your hallway & carry them to the other side each time you use it. 16. 5 minute total body circuit Before lunch do a circuit of 15 squats, 10 pushups, 8 lunges, 8 superman Y's & a 45 second side plank on each side.

Treat these like exercise snacks on days you can't hit the gym. They won't make up for your workouts but they will get you moving, which improves your cardio while lowering risk of diabetes & heart disease. Anything is better than nothing & every little bit helps.

That's a wrap! You now have 16 ways to get your fitness in even when you can't hit the gym. Use good form, print this list & have fun. If you value out of this thread: 1. Follow me @FitFounder for more of these 2. RT the tweet below to share this thread with your friends

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