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10 Insightful Lessons From the Book “10% Happier” 📗Book Thread

1. You inner voice Everyone has a voice in their head that constantly worries, wants, judges, rejects, and compares. 🟢How you handle that voice plays a significant role in how happy and successful you can be.

2. Buddhism is “advanced common sense. 👉It encourages you to analyze and practice basic rules of logic until they become second nature For example, the No. 1 Buddhist principle for the modern worker is…(drumroll, please): Don’t be a jerk. How simple (and appropriate) is that?

3. A key concept of meditation is mindfulness. ✅It’s the ability to recognize what is happening in your mind at any given moment and not let it control you.

4. Respond, don’t react Instead of allowing your thoughts to permeate your mind and take control of your body, 👉take a moment to pause and think about the most effective way to act.

5. “When you squelch something, you give it power. Ignorance is not bliss.” 🟢Acknowledging and confronting your problems is not a sign of weakness—it is a sign of strength.

6. Meditation will not eliminate worry, and it doesn’t aim to. A certain amount of concern is necessary to stay ahead in life. Ask yourself, “Is this useful?” ❌If it isn’t, you need to acknowledge it and let it go.

7. Striving for success is perfectly healthy, as long as you realize that the result is not always within your control. ✅Removing your attachment to the result will build your resilience and help you control your reactions.

8. Don’t be constant! ❌We live so much of our lives pushed forward by “if only” thoughts. Once we achieve those goals, we slide right back into old habits and look for the next hurdle, rather than embracing and appreciating what we have now.

9. Don’t underestimate the meditation. It can produce an incredible amount of beneficial effects on depression, binge eating, smoking cessation, ADHD, asthma, psoriasis, and irritable bowel syndrome. 👉Not to mention, it can reduce stress levels and increase focus levels.

10. Embrace minimal improvements Everything can’t happen for you all at once. Similar to losing weight, you are not going to see results over night. ✅Patience and persistence are key in training your mind to function differently.

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