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If you struggle with focus, read this thread:

Truth is, most of us can’t focus There are so many distractions in the world If you master focus, you will master life Here’s how:

• Keep a schedule If you plan your daily activities, you’ll focus on what you have scheduled. Keeping a schedule is a must to focus.

• Do what makes you passionate If you are pursuing a dream, you’ll be more focused even on the hard days. Don’t settle for a boring life.

• Remember your “WHY” Is it your: - Family - Friends - Community Whatever your reason is, use it to focus on crushing every moment.

• Change your viewpoint When I lose focus, I break away from routine. You can go: - Outside - For a car ride - On the roof of the building Wherever you go, refocus on your task at hand.

• Music is a cheat code I like to listen to the piano guys while I work. Try it, it will allow you to focus and do deep work.

• You need a break Plan a trip at least once every other month. Break away from: - Work - Phones - Responsibilities Start planning now, you’ll thank me later.

• Don’t listen to others There will be people in your life that will want to distract you. This is because if you are crushing it, they probably aren’t. Choose your circle wisely.

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