cw//short nsfw, twins don’t know what knocking means Osamu gasped as Suna groped at the back of his thigh, pulling his leg up and slotting their hips together. The air in Osamu’s bedroom was far too hot and far too heavy, and both men barely broke apart to breathe it in. They

had been making out for at least the past 15 minutes, erections straining hard against one another as they groped and ground together. Osamu had his jeans undone, and Suna’s sweats rode low on his hips, but they stayed dressed. “Ah— /Rin/~” Osamu moaned into Suna’s mouth, his

hand grabbing the hem of the brunette’s shirt and hiking it up his back. Suna grunted softly, biting at Osamu’s lip and pressing their hips together a little harder. “Fuck, say my name like that again…” he mumbled, letting go of Osamu’s lip and kissing and sucking his way down

his jaw instead. “Rin, nnh!” Osamu damn near whined, tilting his head to the side, and the sound went straight to Suna’s dick. He groaned softly and sucked a dark hickey onto Osamu’s neck that he knew would be a pain to hide later,but some part of him wanted the world to see it.

“You’re so fucking hot, Samu,” Suna breathed out, sitting up and connecting their lips again and swallowing the soft sounds Osamu was making with every gentle thrust of Suna’s hips. “Oi, Samu! What’d ya do with my earbu—?” Atsumu’s voice came just before the door swung open,

and Osamu shoved Suna off of him so hard he almost fell off the bed. “Shit—!” Suna gasped as he caught his balance, but the way they were sitting was far too exposing to Atsumu’s point of view, and all three of them just stared between each other in silence for a moment. “Oh,

oh my god, okay— Samu, where are my earbuds?” Atsumu asked, closing his eyes and huffing in frustration. “Uh… table, by the front door.” Osamu answered, voice quiet and breathless. Atsumu gave a thumbs up, waving his hands for a second. “Fuck, okay, I’m gonna go bleach my

eyes now.” He said, slamming the door shut dramatically and causing both Suna and Osamu to flinch at the sound. “…d’ya think he knows?” “Shit, Samu, YES he knows! He’s fucking stupid but he’s not that much of an idiot— LOOK at you!” Suna said, gesturing wildly to Osamu, who

was splayed out with Suna between his legs, clothes disheveled, marks on his neck, hair messy, and bulge very obvious in his pants. “I mean… fuck, look at you…” Suna mumbled, biting his lip and running a hand through his hair. Osamu ducked his head, shifting his hips a little.

“D’ya… wanna keep going?” He asked shyly, and Suna paused, getting up quickly and locking the door this time. He stripped off his shirt, getting back on the bed and straddling Osamu’s body before giving his answer. “Yes, please.” He whispered, before diving back in. //end(?).

I could definitely keep going with this??? If y’all want???? This takes place like. Post grad when Osamu and Atsumu are in the process of moving out. Osamu has his own room for a while. Dunno if that helps. Or maybe… part two where samu walks in instead 👀 we see.

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