Here to kick off this month: #capitaru 🛡💧 (🔞 🍆rubbing on 🌸) "Why won't you put it in?" Childe had his hands pressed over his head, both wrists easily fitting in Capitano's large hand. He had been trying to manhandle Capitano's cock into his pussy one too many times, and now

he wasn't allowed to touch at all. "You'll break." The Captain's voice was final. A fact. His cock took up most of Childe's defined stomach, slicking it as it rested there for good measure. "Come now, you know I'm sturdier than that." Childe winked, wiggling his hips to slide

his pussy against Capitano's balls. "You just gonna come this far and stop? I didn't think you for a coward." Childe was totally speaking out his ass, of course. He wasn't even sure how he talked his way this far to begin with. He was sure it was just friendly flirting, and

suddenly Capitano's hand was ripping his pants away (literally ripping and Childe was not sure how to explain the expense to Pantalone while keeping a straight face). Childe was already wet and thr inside of his thighs felt a bit itchy from his juices covering them.

"You like to play games, don't you little boy?" Capitano's voice was emotionless, but Childe liked to imagine the heated look he was giving him at the same time. Childe's imagination made it pretty hot, if he was being honest. "Well? You aren't going to answer?" "I..." Childe

was a bit distracted with how Capitano pulled back and began to rub the thick head of his cock against Childe's clit. "I... guess... yeah..." He couldn't drag his eyes away, watching how the Captain's cock moved. Bit his lip as he felt it drag the hood of his clit, exposing more

the higher it moved before sliding it back down. Teasing him. "You say I'm underestimating you? That you can handle me spreading you open when you squirm from my fingers? Fine. I will fuck you until your womb bursts with my seed, but only if you can keep from cumming as I drag

the cock you so desperately desire over your pretty little pussy. Show me that resolve you titter about like a bird." Childe swallowed the rising drool in his mouth as he nodded. He didn't care, he could hold back. Anything to get fucked by his beloved Captain.

A low chuckle from within that helm had Childe moaning from between his teeth. Fuck, that was hotter than he expected it to be. "I look forward to hearing how this little songbird sings like a whore, and breaks down once he is denied what he desires." Capitano started to slowly

drag his cock over Childe's pussy, slipping it up past just to hear Childe curse and struggle to thrust his hips how he liked. "Stop... teasing!" Childe hissed between his teeth, tongue stuck out between as he concentrated on matching the Captain's movements. "This is part of my

rules." Capitano paused his movements to pull at the sheet. Childe yelped as it rubbed painful and hot against his back when it slipped out from under him. And he had no small amount of whining protests as Capitano tied his hands to the headboard. "I required my hands, and you do

not behave well." "You don't like your fucks a little naughty-E~AHAAAHHHH♡♡" Childe's snide teasing broke down into loud moaning as the Captain spread his pussy wide and started thrusting as if he were truly fucking the smaller man. His cock spread Childe's labia almost

painfully wide from its girth and movements. That only made Childe's attention focus down there though, as Capitano aimed (perfectly everytime, as if he was as skillfully trained with his cock as his claymore) his tip to hit just above Childe's clit. The feel of his veiny cock

dragging across and spreading Childe's wetness up his abdomen had the youngest mewling and struggling against his bindings. Archons how he wanted to wrap his hands around that thing. Feel it pulse between his slick pussy and calloused hands. The sensation battle between the

never before used cunt and the well trained fingers. Childe knew he could pleasure this man, but Capitano did not give him the chance. He fucked against Childe's pussy as he pleased. At his pace. And as with watching the man fight, Childe was mesmerized by this too.

He forgot his goal and their bet. His voice keened high, begging. "Ough! Fuck! Fuck me! Captain! Fuck, so good! You're rubbing-! So good. Hahh... mmmm harder. Harder, please? Please? Captain please♡ Please fuck my pussy more♡♡" "I told you." Capitano sighed, but it came out

rough and his breath stuttered. "The youngest whore of the Fatui, spreading his pussy and mouth wide for his fellow Harbinger's cocks." "You. Just you♡ Just yours! No one- ahhhh..." Childe's eyes fluttered up, as his face heated. He was holding his breath? It felt too much, he

needed to hold on. Oh he was so close though... "Breathe, boy." Capitano ordered. His hips were moving faster, his tip kissing the contracting entrance below before slipping past. Almost as if he were starting to aim inside. "Tartaglia." Was it Childe's imagination or was

Capitano's voice getting thicker. A deep growl followed every command. His thumb moved over to Childe's clit, circling the engorged nub. The rough material of his gloves making Childe howl louder. "Cum." "Please-!" "Cum, songbird." Childe's throat caught as he came, eyes

rolling up as his pussy throbbed in pleasure. Squirting over the man thrusting against him. Clenching down painfully as Capitano spread him again and pressed the tip of his cock in. Even that had Childe clenching his fists, blood trickling down his palms as hot cum spilled

inside. Childe gasped for breathe, toes curled behind Capitano's back. Since when had he wrapped his legs around the man? He blinked tears from his eyes, his sensitive pussy still feeling the thick head of Capitano's cock inside. "I guess... it wasna tie?" Childe grinned, weary.

"No, you came. That was the deal." Capitano ignored Childe's whining, letting his youngest throw his fit as if his wet cunt wasn't squeezing down on the man. "So here is your punishment." "Huh?" Childe barely had time to look up before his hips were being lifted and Capitano was

sinking down all the way. Childe made painful wheezing as he tore, just as Capitano warned he would. "See? Now your pretty cunt is ruined, and it is all mine." Childe's eyes slid closed. Not passing out (yet) but he needed a moment. His crush just claimed him... he needed to

internally fanboy for a moment. Wait, this wasn't the time, was it? "Come back to the present, boy. I will not let your mind wonder as you taste the cock you have always desired." Easier said than done. Childe couldn't even form a single thought for the rest of the evening.

What Capitano didn't expect was Childe to appear at his door the very next night, swollen pussy just as wet and eager. "Well, I'm not one to just take a loss. Challenge me again!" Capitano sighed, but he didn't stop Childe from slipping into the room with a click of the lock.

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