Lydia Pasaribu

Lydia Pasaribu



They attack Hinduism. You attack Pakistan. They fight for Islamic cause. You fight for nationalist cause. They want Sharia state. You want truly secular state. They fight religious wars. You fight political wars.

In simpler terms if Hindu cause is +X and Muslim cause is -X then they fight for -X and you fight for 0.

Some Hindu nationalists say that they hate Muslims because they aren't loyal to the country. Well even if they were loyal, what good would that do for us ? The country is certainly highly biased towards them so it's their advantage only.

Since you fight for true secularism ,you also equate both the radicals and speak against both of them. In the end you help your enemies only as their people don't oppose their type of radicalism.

They don't raise voices for KPs but when you do, you also include Sufis and Balochis with them to monkey balance. They speak for Junaid and Akhlaq only (and all other lynched Muslims) while you speak for Gaurakshak Gopal and soldier Aurangzeb in the same breath.

You rename Aurangzeb road to Kalam road while they rename Rampur to Rahimpur. You only speak against the radicals in their community while they straight up abuse your religion and Gods. They want right to abuse your religion while you want the right to abuse all religions.

The flag of Pakistan is fully Islamic while the flag of India is only a third Hindu. As Sita Ram Goel ji said, Pakistan is fixed deposit while India is a joint account. There are negligible Hindus in Pakistan while Muslims are around a sixth of the population in India

They feel proud that they made Hindus go from 13 % to 2 % in 7 decades while you feel proud that they increased to 15 % from 9 % in the same time. You feel proud of your even small Muslims achievers & literally worship them while they don`t let Hindus even get the opportunity.

Another thing Hindus need to learn is to actually start making enemy accusations of being intolerant, bigoted, fundamentalist and radicals true. There is nothing wrong in being any of these. Don't take guilt over Babri demolition or Godhra riots, instead take pride.

They talk of atrocities of Indians in Kashmir. You talk of atrocities of Pakistan in Balochistan. In both cases, someone is talking for Muslims while no one cares for the original Hindu natives of Baloochistan and Kashmir. Who is the ultimate winner in both the cases ?

On social media you see two types of Muslims : the Hindu hating radical & the Hinduism praising moderate. Actually both work for Islam in different ways. The radical is simply abusing your religion & the moderate is keeping you calm & making you feel proud on being a secular.

Ultimately the winner is Islam as the radical is doing the -X part but the moderate guy is preventing you from doing the +X part. To every moderate Muslim him whether he will do Ghar Wapsi. If he answers yes then make him do so and if he says no then stay away from him.

The answer to Allahu Akbar is Jay Shree Ram not Hum sab ek hai. The answer to Dar-ul-Islam is Hindu Rashtra not secular state. The answer to Quran is Vedas not constitution. The answer to Babri Masjid is Ram Mandir not hospital. The answer to Islam is Hinduism not secularism.

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