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Fake is the new normal and instagram knows it.. Here are 20 reasons why ;

1) There comes a time in your life when you know you're doing something wrong but are doing it anyway. This is where most of you are.. you spend hours on instagram everyday but deep down you know, you are just wasting away into nothing. Fading away into a world of illusions.

2) As humans you are distinct from animals by grace of a few powerful abilities. You have the ability to govern yourself to a large extent and control where you spend your currency - attention & time. You really don't have much other than this.

3) 'Maya' - the world of illusions. This metaphysical concept has never been more prominent than what is blatantly obvious today. Although the ancients used this term from a slightly different do live in a world of illusions.

4) Your world of illusions has everything glorified & everyone is successful. Misery doesn’t exist in this world, everyone has a fairly tail version of life. Everything is absolutely perfect. I speak about the world of visual social media.

5) In this world, switching certain angles on a camera & masking with some filters can change broke worthless man to a playboy millionaire or a harlot into a paragon of virtue and envy. They spoon feed you lies and you gulp it down like the naive malnourished fool you are.

6) Their fancy lies drive you to despair, you start comparing your miseries to someone’s perceived happy life. Feeding your insecurities, watering your saplings of self hate. Lust, envy, guilt and loathing bubbling in a foaming cauldron of poison inside you.

7) You Never truly grasp the truth that it is a lie, an all too carefully curated illusion. A world of Maya. Curated to target your emotions, triggering enough to make you buy and hoard what they sell - what you don't need. This world of Maya is commercialized.

8) Understand this, The truth is far from this social media haze of perfection. Get out of this trance. No life is perfect, no human is happy or sad or strong or graceful.. ALL the time. Life isn’t perfect, it can never be.

9) Humans have a deep fear of being criticised & ridiculed. They hide their failures. They hide their struggles. Only showing parts of their life - the most successful parts that bring them nothing but praise, validation & attention. This is what the influencer world preys on.

10) What is beyond the veil of social media? Carefully fed perfectly curated success stories, beautiful but highly filtered photos, but never the entire truth behind it. Never the thousands of deleted photos to find the perfect one where 'the light was right'. All illusion.

11) The hustle culture, easy money, beautiful women, extravagant lifestyle are all made to get your attention. In fact, the easy money businesses you see are ponzi schemes making easy revenue directly out of your pocket. There is no magic formula - you fund their lifestyle.

12) Humans are psychologically biased to pay attention to the lead of a high-status individual. Carefully exploit this bias by presenting themselves to be high-status with association of money, women & expensive items - they have their cult now.

13) Awaken from these chains of illusion. You are in the prime of your existence. Your minds are fertile. Build, create, immerse. Do not be fooled into this trance of admiration for lies and deception. You will never have back what you are losing.

14) The instagram influencer reality is merely an illusion. But a very potent, persistent one. It is all pervasive and you cannot escape it if you're on the app. Your best bet is to be very aware of who you listen to and what you consume. Develop your critical thinking abilities

15) You fail to acknowledge this because there is nothing worse than the death of an illusion. To realise you've been worshipping something that is not genuine, is flawed like you and maybe, just maybe is in worse shape than you behind the facade - you want to hold on to the lies

16) Understand, this is all agenda driven. Illusion is the first of all pleasures. Then comes influence, persuasion and manipulation. Most influencers have an agenda, a political stand, a religious bias, an intellectual take.. all derived, none original.

17) develop restraint, use social media to consume information that leads to betterment. This is easy said than done. How do you identify the real ones? Look for consistency, look for authenticity, look for those who don't push an agenda, look for those who are balanced.

18) the time spent browsing an infinite algorithm of dopamine hits when redirected can give your life a direction you never knew possible. You have the world at the palm of your hands. You are powerful beyond belief. Do not squander this away on botox butts and filler lips

19) think about what you just saw. What did it make you feel? Insecure? Wanting? Envy? Lust? Greed? Any hint of negativity and it needs to be stopped. This is not harsh, it is a necessity to prevent the harmful effects of compounding. Over time this adds up to crippling anxiety.

20) We live in unprecedented times when anyone with a phone and time can build a huge following and drip feed any half cocked idea to a flood of innocents. Be wary of what this means, do not let anybody corrupt the sanctity of your mind with deception

I spent most of yesterday in a hospital waiting room due to some personal reasons. As I looked around every young man and woman there was scrolling instagram, endlessly. Like mindless zombies watching reels with lifeless eyes and smiles that don't reach their eyes.

Trapped in this world of illusion, all I could do was wonder how will they break free and realise the true majesty of this monumental creation called life. Unfortunately many of them never will. Don't let this happen to you. There is a life of infinite potential waiting for you.

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