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Twitter can make you smarter than 97% of people. But only if you follow the right people. Here are 85 creators you need to follow:

14 accounts that'll improve your life more than 97 self-help books: @VineetSinha @_SuccessMinded_ @WrittenN0tes @warikoo @wise_chimp @UpSkillYourLife @wiseconnector @PerfectGuide_ @EdLatimore @creation247 @liftyourmind @Ant_Philosophy @_Eduphile @THEROSSHARKNESS

13 accounts that'll make you more money than any $1097 course: @samuelwoods_ @DeanOwenTaxes @DBarnettMoncton @aaditsh @thejustinwelsh @IAmClintMurphy @SteveOnSpeed @AccentInvesting @matt_gray_ @KurtisHanni @millionairecori @HeroDividend @FluentInFinance

11 accounts that'll improve your writing more than a useless degree: @JamesClear @tferriss @SahilBloom @ShaneAParrish @david_perell @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @writingtoriches @Nicolascole77 @ItsKieranDrew @GrammarHippy

12 accounts that'll make you fitter than Arnold Schwarzenegger: @ZubyMusic @FitFounder @TheJackBly @TheRiAnderson @JohnRoddey_ @sner_fit @AskTheGiver @theoliveranwar @TheCoachRaj @joeyyochheim @DanielKelly150 @tyromper

12 accounts that'll increase your t level: @SaveYourSons @MasculineMind_ @MasculinePeak @egoofsigma @EgoDriv @DentesLeo @MasculineSage @SpartanPsyche @LimitlessReader @sanctemalum @ZenConqueror @MindsetSparta

11 accounts that'll help you scale your business: @OneJKMolina @robertgriker @TheMindModifier @a_santiago1517 @lawrencekingyo @torreydawley @SmuldersStefan @houstongolden @thebizsultan @MentalWeapons @incomenator

12 accounts that'll make you more productive: @Motivateme247 @FredosRippleEF @misteritter1 @mike_schuessler @mpickle @_alexbrogan @thecolbykultgen @The1stReporter @blakeaburge @tobi_emonts @heyjoeyjustice @johnnyxbrown

That's it! Who would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments. Don't forget to follow me @HumbleFlow 🥂

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