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lil thread on the types of setups I look for using monday's range. The key really is you never use the range on it's own, you always need further surrounding context like with any tool. Monday's high and low are useful as targets (e.g take out the high then low)

Highest probability targets for me however are inefficiencies when back within a range unless I have a strong context other side of range will be target. This thread is also about how I use ltf ranges as my entries and mondays range is just a tool to give me some context.

If I believe price is in a trending environment I expect previous mondays range to hold price. In other words previous monday high or low can act as S/R

Previous monday's highs and lows as pivots to be reclaimed for setups. Just like any range, monday's ranges get reclaimed and move toward inefficiencies/other side of range

mondays highs and lows as S/R for short term setups.

this just need to be in here interesting how with bearish bias monday's high is taken early in week, then further downside ensues

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