chelle 💭 harbinger apologist

chelle 💭 harbinger apologist



sakuatsu / omegaverse alpha Kiyoomi who /needs/ to have his nose pressed against his omega at all times. lounging on the couch, Atsumu is nestled in his lap with Kiyoomi’s nose pressed in the crook of neck on the edge of scent drunk. or when they’re out,

Kiyoomi always has a protective arm Atsumu’s waist, tucked into Kiyoomi’s side with his nose furrowed in the crown of Atsumu’s head. Atsumu’s scent is softer there, but it soothes Kiyoomi nonetheless. Kiyoomi could pick out Atsumu’s scent in the crowd of hundreds of people

by now. He could spend the entire day with Atsumu’s scent swirled around his nose and will still mourn the second Atsumu has to leave.

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