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Told you I would give you the recipe for Georgian green adjika when we hit $200 000 dollars for the wolves. Now, finally, it's here.

You start with buying a shit-ton of herbs. And by a shit-ton, I really mean it. 120 g of parsley, 200 g of coriander, 50 g of dill, 60 g of celery leaves.

If the coriander has roots, don't cut them off - they hold a lot of flavor. Just wash all the herbs well, and let them dry overnight. They really need to be dry for this. (This is my hall floor.)

Then you will need garlic. A lot. 500 g peeled. If you can force someone who loves you to peel it for you, do. But peeled they will be. It's alright to question the whole project now. It will be worth it though, this is Caucasian crack cocaine.

Then there is chili. 600 g, preferably a thin walled variant like this. Moderately hot. You can up the amount if you feel suicidal. Peel and deseed. Use gloves if you're a sissy.

And the spices! Ground coriander seed, salt and the star in this recipe. You'll need it, it won't be the same without. Utskho suneli (foreign spice) it's called in Georgia. Blue fenugreek or schabzigerklee are other names. You can buy online. Do it.

Now comes the fun, painstaking work of grinding it all together. You could use a food processor, but here I'm on the side of Georgian grandmas. Electricity is the devil! You should be able to taste the elbow grease.

So you grind.

And you grind.

When all is ground, it's time to add 3 tablespoons of ground coriander, and 3 tablespoons of utskho suneli.

Then you add 200 g of salt. The finely ground sort, not kosher or sea salt. No fancy salt here. Stir it all together. That's it. That's the adjika.

You could add significantly more salt and it will keep longer, but this is 2022 after all, so pop it in the freezer instead. This adjika is seriously addictive, that's why I make a huge batch. You will want to, too.

Use it as a condiment on e v e r y t h I n g, this is the Georgian way.

Addendum: do not peel the chili. I have no idea where that came from, but English is my second language and that was a weird lapse. Top it. Deseed it. Peel left on. Jesus Christ, I'm stupid stupid sometimes.

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