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nsfw // #atsuosa, (miyacest), underage, vibrator tsumu and samu are just children, with absolutely no sense of privacy. so can you really blame them for roaming around their house, digging through drawers and cupboards? maybe their parents did tell them to stay out of their +

bedroom. and maybe they did also tell them not to look into their bedside tables. but if you know anything about the twins, you definitely understand that telling them not to do something will only make them want to do it more. that being said, it was only a matter of time +

until they found one of mama's toys. a toy. that's what it is, right? is it some kind of bat? a torpedo? they don't really know, but it doesn't matter because when they place it on the floor and press the button, it starts vibrating and jumping around, making funny noises. +

they run back to their bedroom, giggling about the funny toy. as soon as they're sat on their bed, they start trying what else they can do with it. tsumu starts laughing, "samu, hold it against yer nose. it tickles, hahaha-" samu follows his brother's command and immediately +

starts laughing as well. they keep messing around, holding it against each other's noses, laughing, writhing. until, in a fit of giggles, the vibrator slips from tsumu's hand, dropping down onto his brother's crotch. osamu's eyes go wide and a breathless little moan falls from +

his lips. "oh sorry, 'samu, did i hurt you?" tsumu asks worriedly, picking the vibrator back up. osamu is still distraught, confused by what he just felt. his heart is beating way too fast. and his private parts feel all tingly. "n-no, tsumu- please, put it back-" he whispers, +

averting his gaze. tsumu tilts his head in confusion but obeys anyway, softly touching the vibrating toy to his brother's crotch. samu closes his eyes, breath picking up and cheeks turning red. what's happening? "samu! yer okay? d'ya feel sick?" tsumu is worried as he watches +

his brother softly start to shake. "no, tsumu, feels weird- i feel tingly- i- try it," samu breathes, grabbing the vibrator and placing it on atsumu's crotch. immediately his brother gasps, bucking his hips up, grinding into the feeling. his body feels hot. he's shuddering. +

and his private parts feel so good that he wants to cry. so this is what samu meant... "samu samu, i- feels so good," he whimpers, moaning softly. "wait, tsumu, i want too. let me sit on yer lap." "'kay," atsumu replies, shifting back so his back is resting against the +

headboard, when his brother climbs onto his lap. their bodies pressed so close together. and the vibrations tingling against their sensitive little cocks. they're panting into each other's ears. cheeks covered by a soft blush. eyes glassy from the overwhelming new feeling. +

but they can't stop. both chasing the tingly sensation rushing through them. "tsumu tsumu- i think i need to pee- i need t'- i-," samu starts sobbing. but before he can move back to run to the toilet, something explodes inside of him. his body is shaking atop his brother, +

tears rolling down his cheeks, as he cums dry in his pants. "samu! yer okay? wait- i need to pee too- samu, let me- i need-," tsumu begs trying to free himself from under his brother, who doesn't budge. mind and body still fuzzy in his first post-orgasm bliss. +

and before tsumu can push him off, his breath hitches. white stars exploding behind his eyes as his hips start writhing and he too cums dry in his sweatpants. soft moans ring through the room. drool slipping out of the corner of his mouth, as he tries to catch his breath. +

soft cries echo between them as they slowly get overstimulated. arms too heavy to move and turn the toy off. soon the batteries die, and the vibrations stop. the twins still softly shuddering, staring into nothing, trying to comprehend what just happened. osamu is the first +

to come back to his senses, lifting his head from where it dropped down to his brother's shoulder. "i didn't pee," is all he says. "me neither," atsumu whispers in response. they're both quiet again, then tsumu says, "i feel good. d'ya feel good too, samu?" "yeah- and +

'm tired." "me too... 'm gonna bring back mama's toy, yer can sleep," tsumu replies before wiggling away. when he returns, osamu is already fast asleep, cheeks still red and tear-stained. atsumu slips into bed next to him, wondering about what kind of magic toy their mama +

owns. making them feel this good. but he soon too drifts off into a deep sleep. dreaming about stars and tingly bodies. and maybe, just maybe, of whimpering osamus. and when a few days later, in the middle of the night, their mother opens her bedside drawer to practise some +

self-love, maybe she's a bit confused about why her toy is suddenly dead. oh well, she must have forgotten to charge it last time... - end -

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