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#sakuatsu #bottsumuweek2022 @bottsumuweek | nsfw 🔞 monsterfucking, oviposition, ABO dynamics Most people thought hell was a miserable, wretched wasteland full of terror. But, honestly, Atsumu didn’t mind visiting the place. +

It wasn’t too bad—well, as long as your boyfriend was a Prince of Hell. Yeah, Atsumu was dating a demon. Don’t judge. He’s hot. And surprisingly nice. Eons better than all the human assholes Atsumu had dated in the past. And he came with a fancy ass palace. +

(Sure, it was located in hell, but again, Atsumu didn’t mind). Not to mention, Atsumu was completely in love with the guy, er, demon. And tonight. His demon!boyfriend was going to become his demon!mate. And hopefully put little demon babies in him. +

“Are you ready?” Kiyoomi murmured between heavy kisses, barely separating their lips long enough to ask the question. His hand trailed down Atsumu’s arm, reaching down to cup his stomach.

The tips of his fingers were curved into deadly black claws, but Kiyoomi touched his skin with gentleness and care, circling his bellybutton. “I want to breed you, my love. I want you to be mine.” “How romantic, Omi.” Atsumu laughed, but it quickly transformed +

into a whiny moan as Kiyoomi bit down hard on his neck. Kiyoomi marked him without warning, sharp fangs digging into the sweat-soaked flesh. Blood spurted from the wound, dripping down his arm and chest, staining Kiyoomi’s mouth a scarlet red. +

Atsumu gripped Kiyoomi, instinctively pressing his head further into his shoulder, making his teeth sink even deeper. And he felt the mating bond snap into place, tying him forever with his demon, his monster. His lover, and now mate. Now Atsumu would never die nor age. +

His life was bound to Kiyoomi’s and he’d live as long as Kiyoomi existed in this realm. Tears welled in his eyes as that realization sunk in. He really gets to be with Kiyoomi forever. Like, /for real/ forever. The residual pain from the bite was quickly soothed by +

the demon’s forked tongue, which always excreted a pleasurable, almost-high inducing saliva that put Atsumu at ease and opened his hole up so very well. Lifting his head, Kiyoomi brought their mouths together once more. Atsumu tasted his own blood +

as Kiyoomi’s tongue slithered down his throat. It was inhumanly long, reaching all the way to the back of his throat, ensuring that his scent was soaked into every part of Atsumu, in every orifice. Twisting his fingers into Kiyoomi’s dark curls, Atsumu moaned around +

his tongue, letting it gag and choke him until he was dizzy. Just as Atsumu’s vision started to wane, Kiyoomi pulled back, leaving Atsumu gasping for breath and a mix of spit and blood coating his lips. A deft tail wrapped around his bruised thigh, spreading his legs and +

exposing his leaking entrance. Kiyoomi had already eaten him out for a while prior to this, his spit acting as the perfect lube, to prepare Atsumu for his cock. “In my thousands of years of existence, I’ve never once taken a mate. Or given anyone the gift of my eggs.” +

He nuzzled into the crux of Atsumu’s neck, kissing reverently over the newly-created mating bite. “Only you. Atsumu.” Atsumu dazedly nodded, squeezing his arms around his neck as he felt the head of Kiyoomi’s cock press against his hole. “Only me,” he agreed. +

“I’m yer’s now. Fer eternity.” The words elicited a satisfied, possessive growl from the back of Kiyoomi’s throat and he suddenly thrusted forward, sliding all the way in. Atsumu screamed, throwing his head back as a haze of pain-pleasure washed over him. +

Luckily, the saliva did its job and the pain was rapidly disappearing, even as Kiyoomi began fucking into him with little to no hesitation. The pace was wild, totally erratic, and mind-blowingly intense. Atsumu’s insides were being ravaged—and he’d have it no other way. +

As Kiyoomi continued to roughly fuck him, his tail untangled from Atsumu’s leg, and instead crawled up Atsumu’s hip, wrapping around the base of his dick. The smooth tail slowly jerked him off, running up and down his length before the very tip of the tail nudged at +

the dripping slit of Atsumu’s dick. He could feel as the tail fucked in and out of his urethra, matching the pace of the cock fucking his ass. Atsumu cried into Kiyoomi’s neck, unable to form coherent words or thoughts. His entire mind was focused on Omi. On the demon. +

On his /mate/ and all the pleasure he was drawing out of him. The tail extracted itself from Atsumu’s slit, causing a whimper to spill out of Atsumu’s mouth, and the next thing he knew he was cumming. His hole clenched around Omi’s cock, milking it as Atsumu’s body spasmed. +

And Kiyoomi came soon after. It felt like a bucket’s worth of cum was filling Atsumu up as he laid limply on the bed, warmth spreading throughout his insides. When Kiyoomi caught his breath, he stroked one clawed finger over Atsumu’s cheek, wiping away his tears. +

His other hand felt the small bulge over Atsumu’s stomach from where it was filled with his cum. “Now you’re completely ready for my eggs. All warm and wet inside. The conditions are just right.” The cock still lodged inside him began to grow until +

it seemed like double its original size. Tears flowed freely down Atsumu’s face as he was stretched to impossible lengths, but Kiyoomi was right there—whispering praise after praise into his ear, kissing along his jaw and over his temple. Kiyoomi let out a groan and a heavy +

weight fell into Atsumu’s hole, settling in his womb. He could feel the foreign object shift around inside of him, cushioned by Kiyoomi’s cum, and he couldn’t help the whimper that escaped him. Another rounded egg followed shortly behind the first, knocking into it & pressing +

along Atsumu’s sensitive walls. He’d never been so full before. Each egg must be the size of his own fist. And there were two inside of him, along with Kiyoomi’s monster cock. “You’re doing amazing, my love. Just one more.” “Another?!” Atsumu choked out. A third egg was +

pushed from the demon’s cock into Atsumu, settling with the others deep within his womb. The eggs were were mostly immobile, due to the cum. However, they still somewhat moved, and that little movement was enough to make Atsumu’s breath hitch. & his dick twitch with intrigue +

Fuck, was he going to be horny and semi-hard for the entire incubation period? Kiyoomi shuddered against him, and another liquid spewed from his cock, joining the eggs and cum already inside. “Wh-what was that?” Atsumu asked, breathless. +

“It’s even more protection for the eggs.” Kiyoomi affectionately kissed over his brow. “And it will keep them in place until you’re ready to lay them.” Kiyoomi brought Atsumu’s hand over his bulging stomach, pressing down and having him feel the eggs cushioned beneath. +

Their eggs. Atsumu found himself overcome with emotion—at the physical embodiment of their love that now lay inside him. “We’re gonna have little demon babies. Omi, we did it,” Atsumu sobbed. “And yer my mate. Shit. Fuck. I love you.” +

Yeah.” The demon prince pressed their foreheads together, their noses brushing. “My mate. My Princess. Atsumu.” Atsumu clutched Kiyoomi’s hand over his protruding stomach and leaned up for a kiss. //end

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