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#sakuatsu | red ridding hood!atsumu and big bad wolf!kiyoomi, dark, implied obsession, mild nsfw The first time he saw him it was almost less than a second, something red, like a shadow, moved fast enough to only be catch by the corner of his eye, he didn't thought much about it

Until he saw him again, this time a little longer, long enough to have him in his head ever since A tall, but smaller than him, young boy was picking flowers in a corner of the forest he never stepped on, he couldn't really see his face, the red, long hood that he was wearing

Making it impossible for him to look properly, but he knew it was a boy for the deep voice that could be heard, only a whisper, but loud enough for his ears to catch There was that smell too, a smell that had the wolf's nose inhaling deep and his mouth watering

He wanted more of that smell . The next time he saw the boy, he got a better look, learning that the boy was most likely a young man, young and blonde, almost blinding if the sun hits just right That time, Kiyoomi wasn't careful enough, the break of a stick

Had the young blonde wiping his head in his direction, making him able of making eye contact with him, and those eyes, Kiyoomi learned, could quickly send him into madness, good thing the other couldn't see him, the shadows to dark for the young man to catch what happened there

Those honey like eyes made the wolf want to treasure them in a box, only for him to see and for him to be looked by . After that the watching was more regular, not because the man went to that part of the forest to often, but because his steps were being tracked

Every move he made, he had a shadow just steps away, every corner he turned, every path he crossed, every run he took, all were followed unless he got in the village It wasn't hard to follow him, his smell remaining in Kiyoomi's nose, the eagerness for having it in his tongue

Made it even easier The young man never saw him, every fall of his hood a straight give away of him wanting to see what was there, but never getting the chance to look long enough to catch something other than movement At that point, the blonde was sure he would become mad soon

. Then one day, after leaving home to pick some goods at granny's house, the young man stepped into the forest, already knowing the path like the palm of his hand A sound, however, made him took a turn, and after walking a little, another sound made him stop on his track

He turned around and, as always, was greet by nothingness, but he knew better, and has always being accused of having too much curiosity for his own good So that's how, taking a step closer, and with a careful but inviting voice he said "I know you're there..."

The silence that followed didn't scare or upset him, it just gave him more courage "Please come out, I don't mean any harm..." A low and deep huff could be heard, almost as if it was mocking him, he would probably be mad if a gravy voice didn't came after

"/You/ don't mean harm? Funny thing to say to someone you don't know... I mean who knows, maybe I'm the real harm in here, but /you're/ apologizing instead, that's a new one I've never heard" That low and raspy voice rushed like a spell in the blondes ears

The mocking tone would usually make him snap back, but instead he found himself questioning "Who are you, sir?" "You don't know who I am yet you're still talking to me, didn't you're parents teach you not to talk to strangers?" "That's why I'm asking, who are you?"

A long pause came after, it was starting to get him anxious, after all he was still talking to no one, at least no one he could see, but just as he was about to speak an answer came "I think you know me pretty well..." The blonde could hear the other walking around

Still hiding in the shadows "In fact, I think all your people know me..." with every word the youngest eyes followed the voice around him, but he remained still, not showing nervousness "All those, what do you call them? Old folk stories about the forest creature or something"

That made the other freeze in place, it had to be a joke, right? It wasn't possible that... "I guess you call it that, right? After all you wouldn't know I'm..." "A werewolf" he didn't mean to interrupt, but the eagerness and anxiety took the best of him

A laugh was heard, low and amused, after that, a figure was shown stepping forward, making the blonde turn pale "So you /do/ know me, well, I guess we're not strangers after all, though that word is kind of insulting I might say"

The other couldn't speak, an amused smirk showed fangs, big dark ears almost hidden under a mop of black curls, long fingers had sharp, dark claws at it's tips and the naked figure had dark, thick hair covering almost every muscle on his body

He supposed that's the most human the other could look And before he knew it, he was already running his mouth again "You're not how I thought you would be..." "You've been thinking about me?" It sounded mocking, but it didn't make him stop

"You're not as scary as I thought you would be..." He didn't mean it as an insult, he genuinely thought so, but the wolf didn't seam to take it that way "You think I'm not scary enough little boy?" The tone made him understand it was actually an annoyed question, still he said

"It's just that I've grown hearing stories about you, but you don't seem so harmful now" He took a step closer, making the other stand straight "You're not scared?" He let himself into the other's space "I don't think so..." Their eyes made contact and he suddenly felt dizzy

"What big eyes you have..." "The better to see you squirm with" His eyes darted up to his head "What big ears you have..." "The better to hear you scream with" Then down to his mouth "What big teeth you have..." "The better to mark you with"

His knees felt weak and it was hard to breathe "What's wrong red ridding hood, the wolf catch your tongue?" Just as he was about to fall, big arms catched him He didn't know what was going on, but he wasn't afraid, he liked it, the dizziness paired with being in the wolf's arms

It felt intoxicating and he wanted more "Look at you, you're as weak as any other prey" The voice kept on ringing in his ear, the more the taller talked the more weak he felt "I could eat you now and you wouldn't be strong enough to even scream"

He didn't know what possessed him to say it, but his brain couldn't catch with his tongue faster than his desire "Do it..." "What...?" He sounded confused, and who could blame him "Do it, eat me, hunt me down, do whatever you want, I'll be your prey if you want me to"

//I have no idea what this is but I might add some more later??

. The atmosphere felt suffocating, his breath was heavy and his eyes so hazy that all around him seemed blurry, except for the creature in front of him, whos he was holding onto for dear life Kiyoomi didn't seem to mind, too occupied on admiring the man in front of him

His eyes couldn't stand open for long enough to see his surroundings, long lashes brushing against his cheeks, the same cheeks that seemed to adopt the color of every strawberry the wolf has picked in the same forest he met the beauty in his arms

But Kiyoomi's eyes were glued to those rosy, plump lips of the blonde, the very same lips that left those words fall from his mouth, the ones that felt like honey on Kiyoomi's ears The blonde was drunk in pheromones of pure lust and the wolf knew it

What he didn't expect was for the other to maintain an impressive amount of strength on him,any other human would of fall to their knees, bowing to Kiyoomi and presenting themselves for the wolf to take everything he might want from them, an easy prey

But the man is different, he doesn't bow, doesn't present, his knees seem to fight to keep still and not let him fall to the ground, he keeps a hold on Kiyoomi that would feel bruising to any other without the amount of strength that the wolf possess It's not enough

It's not enough and this makes Kiyoomi want to dominate him, make the man know who's in charge and that he should be at his mercy, even if none of it is willingly "You want to be a prey? You want to be taken, sweetheart?"

The blonde felt shivers run down his spine and his knees buckled with every word, the rumbling of the wolf chest sounding like a growl in his ears Yes… yes, please, take me… do what you wish with me" This sent electricity all over Kiyoomi's body

And just when he was at the barge of losing control, he remembered "What is the name of my prey, then?" He wanted to know, wanted every bit of information that he could get out of the blubbering mess of a man that he was holding

"A… Atsumu… Miya Atsumu" And just there and then did the blonde give up, his hands and knees touching the ground before his face could "Well, Atsumu. I think your the prettiest prey I've ever catch" From this angle, with the wolf towering over him

He could see just how big he was, this sent chills all over his body and the sirens in his head started to sound louder and louder every time, but he ignored all of it, his hands clammy and his hot tongue the only things in his mind

He shouldn't be so affected from the praise, he should be running away and searching for the village, for his brother, he should make all of his people come here and hunt down the hunter instead

But he doesn't, even with a little of sanity left on him, he finds that he wants this, Atsumu wants to be hunted down, wants to be his prey, wants to be at the wolf complete mercy

"I'm pretty… I can be good too, I'll keep still for you, you can eat me, please do it…" His tongue felt heavy in his mouth and the moment the wolf's fingers grabbed his face, tilting it up to look him in the eyes, nails digging in his cheeks, he found himself panting like a dog

"What a sweet little thing, all ready to be taken, what would your people think if they saw you like this? Behaving like an animal, begging to be eaten by a predator" The wolf kneels in front of him, still taller to remind him who's in charge, who's the one bowing to the other

And just as the blonde is about to lose it, the wolf gets closer to his face, speaking just centimeters away from his lips. "My name is Kiyoomi, remember that, prey. That's the name you will be screaming from now on"

//a short updated while I prepare the nsfw part, that one will be longer :)

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