Did Sita ma born from the earth ? Refutation with Proofs.

There is a Misconception in our society related to Ma Sita that she born from inside of the earth. So some proofs are here....

अथ मे कृषतः क्षेत्र लांगलादुत्थिता तत॥१३॥      क्षेत्रं शोधयता लब्धा नाम्ना सीतेति विश्रुता भूतलादुत्थिता सा तु व्यवर्धत ममात्मजा॥१४॥  Ramayan - Balkand

In these 2 verses of Ramayana it is said that Sita Mata was born from the earth.

Because Ramayana is an epic, it is not a big deal to get a figurative description in it. Any epic without a figurative description will be absolutely monotonous.

So Let's check What is the Simple meaning of this verse. In Manusmriti - @apoorwaa__ @BrahmaandKiMaa

क्षेत्रभूता स्मृता नारी बीजभूतः स्मृतः पुमान्।क्षेत्रबीजसमायोगात्सम्भवः सर्वदहिनाम्॥३३॥ Meaning - Woman is like a earth and Man is a seed when the seed plant in earth Then all bodily beings can be born @punarUtthana108 @sambhashan_in

In this Verse you can easily understand that who is "'Khet" Who is "Bijroop" or seed. And now - In Balkand of Ramayana Mata sita said that -

पाणिप्रदानकाले च यत्पुरा त्वग्रिसंनिधौ।        अनुशिष्टं जनन्या मे वाक्यं तदपि मे धृतम् (Ayodhya kand - Ramayana) Rama holding my hand near the fire (Yajna). My mother taught me, I have it in my mind.

Mata Sita clearly mention her mother in this verse. wait for the next proof when she was in Ashoka Vatika

मणिं दृष्ट्वा च रामो वै त्रयाणां संस्मरिष्यति।   वीरो जनन्या मम च राज्ञो दशरथस्य च || Ramayana - Sundarkand Meaning - After seeing this gem, Shri Ram will remember three people - my mother and me and King Dasaratha.

Again mata Sita mention her mother's name and Now the proof from Shiv Puran Rudra Sahimta- Parvati Khand धन्या प्रिया द्वितीया तु योगिनी जनकस्य च। तस्याः कन्या महालक्ष्मीर्नाम्ना सीता भविष्यति॥

Meaning - Janak's lady whose name is Yogini. Her daughter will be Mahalakshmi, her name will be Sita.

Hence it is clear now that Mata sita was not born from earth or any where else she is the daughter of Janak and Yogini.. Thanks for Reading Comment please ... Special thanks to Mansa ram Vedic ji and Sh. Rajendra Jijnasu ji.

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