#HaikyuuKinktober2022 @HaikyuKinktober day 1: BDSM / day 3: degradation / day 8: dacryphilia +praise kink  #sakuatsu / NSFW, obviously

Everyone who knows Sakusa Kiyoomi, can tell he’s a serious man, he’s a bit of a complainer about cleanliness and finds certain things gross, if you are close enough to him you can see him make a silly grin or a grimace, but nothing more. +

He won't laugh heartily, cry loudly, or scream from happiness or anger. That’s why everyone was so shocked when he announced his relationship with Miya Atsumu. Miya Atsumu, the walking sunshine, the boy who doesn’t hide any emotion, if he doesn’t like something he will tell +

you, if you make pineapple pizza he will say “it’s atrocious”, if you wear an ugly sweater for Christmas he will tell you too, very straight forward. He is an open book, he loves to laugh and make people laugh with him. He always has a new pun to say, a funny anecdote to tell. +

Basically, he and Kiyoomi have opposite personalities. But everyone knows, opposites attract each other A couple of days were enough to give space to gossip. “They aren’t dating, they only want attention”, “It’s obvious that someone like Sakusa-senshu won't be interested in +

someone loud as Miya-senshu”, “Sakusa-san is so cold, Miya-san deserves better!”. Everyone is wrong, they love each other so much, and don’t give a shit about what others say about them. They are happy together, laughing every morning, cuddling every night, helping each other +

with literally anything and more. They feel like they are meant to be, right in the place where they belong, filling each other's hearts. But the gossip doesn’t stop there, it comes to a point where some fans started speculating about their sex life! +

“Atsumu is sure a pillow princess”, “Sakusa-san uses him like a doll” Unbelievable, really. Besides, everyone is wrong, absolutely wrong, again. Kiyoomi is a service top, he puts Atsumu’s pleasure in first place. No one knows that, no one needs to know that. +

Either the fact that they practice BDSM.  Kiyoomi loves the feeling of the red rope against his wrist, his arms, back, and legs. Kiyoomi loves to be a good boy. +

On the other hand, Atsumu loves to control and power, the obedience of Kiyoomi and hearing his pleadings makes him drunk, in pleasure, in power, is difficult to tell. Especially when both are mixed in their bedroom. +

After winning against the Adlers, Atsumu felt drunk in power, he felt like he had control over his body, and not even the tiredness took control over him. When he and Kiyoomi arrived at their apartment, the first thing Atsumu did was pin him against the wall and kiss him roughly.

Kiyoomi understood Atsumu's intentions the moment he saw his golden eyes in the locker room. He knows. While he's being devoured for his boyfriend, all he can do is wait. Wait for the permission to touch him, wait for instructions, he is a good pet after all. +

"Take me to the bed" Atsumu doesn't need to say more, Kiyoomi is already carrying him like a princess, while the blonde is busy biting and leaving bruises on his neck. "Ya been such a good boy today, Omi, ya deserve a reward" while Atsumu makes Kiyoomi laid in bed and +

straddles him, the dark-haired shivers in excitement. The blonde ties his boyfriend's hands to the bed and does the same with his feet, Kiyoomi lets out a moan at the tightness of the ropes, it feels good against his skin. +

Bet they'd leave marks in his wrists if he moves them enough. Great. When  Kiyoomi looks at Atsumu again, he's taking his clothes off, leaving a naked God in front of him and Kiyoomi is a mere servant, ready to sacrifice himself. +

The blonde straddles Kiyoomi again, and before doing him the favor to touch him, covers his eyes with a black satin bow and takes off his hard dick, relieving the pain. The dark-haired lets out an involuntary thankful groan. Kiyoomi can't see anything but his other senses+

started to become more sharp. His entire body is burning in anticipation, the softness of the satin in his eyes, contrasts with the feeling of the ropes. Everything feels so good, especially the warmth of Atsumu's thighs around his hips, pinning him in place, like it wasn't +

already impossible for Kiyoomi to escape. It isn’t like he wants to. Atsumu makes sure to touch Kiyoomi only the necessary amount to satisfy himself, after all, why would he worry about the pleasure of his favorite dildo? The blonde takes Kiyoomi's dick to the base, in one +

push, making him cry underneath him. Atsumu always loved the way he can reduce a grown tall and broad man into a whimper mess. Atsumu always loved Kiyoomi's crying face, although he can't see all his face now, the way the black satin bow starts to get wet is an indicator. +

With his red cheeks matching the color of his ears and chest, pink lips parted showing a small and perfect tongue, and the saliva sliding down his chin? Perfect. Fucking perfect, so pretty. He always looks so grateful, like he cries from happiness, or pleasure, who knows. +

But it makes Atsumu more hungry and horny. It makes him want to see more. To make him cry more. Next time he will do this without the blindfold. Kiyoomi always cried fast, a little overstimulation and he would be crying, he cums after a delicious scene and would be crying. +

Atsumu knows he is really tired, that's why the will do him the favor to have sex with him until /he/ cums one time. He feels generous, really. Atsumu starts doing slow circles with his hips, savoring slowly the way his perfect dildo feels against his prostate.+

He moans while throwing his head back, it touches all the right spots. "Ya will only cum when I'll tell ya to" the blonde reminds like a statement, without looking at Kiyoomi's face, he knows he is nodding desperately but a pet should be more educated. +

"Use yer words, a good dick like ya needs to be educated and answer properly to his owner" Kiyoomi knows it, he wants to be good so bad, but if he tries to speak before calming down a bit, it would only be whimpers and pleadings. +

"Y-yes… yes, s-sir… want to be good" that makes Atsumu smile in satisfaction, it seems like he will cum faster than expected, because he can't hold it anymore. Kiyoomi is such a good boy.  +

He looks like a mess, all his black hair is a mess, and some locks of hair stick to his forehead, the sweat makes them look darker, and the thin layer of sweat on his skin makes him look shiny. Next time he will take all Kiyoomi's clothes off. +

Riding Kiyoomi's dick like there is no tomorrow, Atumu starts pinching his nipples with both hands when the dark-haired starts crying and whimpering louder, bet he looks super cute under that black piece of cloth. "Cum after me, be a good boy" +

Kiyoomi uses all his willpower to not come in the spot, it's fine he did this before, he can resist, he can do it. He only has to not to think about the tightness of Atsumu's hole, the warmth of his thighs around him, the image of Atsumu touching his nipples, he knows him too +

well to know that he is doing it without seeing him. A couple of minutes passes by and Atsumu cums without touching his dick a single time, and he clenched around Kiyoomi, that's the signal he needed to release all his seed in his boyfriend. +

They are exhausted, after going back to earth from heaven, Atsumu undoes the ropes, liberating Kiyoomi. The blonde lays on top of him, peppering with kisses  everywhere he can reach. "Such a good boy, such a perfect boyfriend" Kiyoomi smiles, he can sleep well now. /fin/

I didn't check for mistakes or typos, please ignore them, is 02.40 a.m 😭 I wanted to finish this, thank you for reading!

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