kero|| Writting🫶🏽

kero|| Writting🫶🏽



˚✧cw/ #miyacest , miyacest , highschool miyas, Atsuosa , Sunaatsu , fem atsumu ✧༚ Sine he started dating Atsu, Suna felt this perverted fantasy of seeing his girlfriend with her brother. He gets rock hard just at the thought of Osamu buried between her legs eating her out +

Suna knows that Atsu has masturbated to the thought of Osamu, she confessed this to him drunk one time Suna knew that he could take advantage of this information, so one day he wakes up with “an incredible idea.” +

He decides to go to the Miya household to see if something can be arragged between the 3 of them with a little blackmail, but at the search of silver he found gold. There it was his beautiful girlfriend kneeling down and her mouth slurping and gagging on her brother’s cock +

with drips of cum were down her chin, she stopped for a moment and moved her head away, with a proud to look admiring her excellent job at making her big brother cum. Osamu was smilling at her, and carefully reached down to her head and aggressively shoved her back on his dick +

Making Atsu gag and tear up from getting all of it so fast, yet she looked like she is enjoying having her throat fucked by her big brother. Suna couldn’t help but just to stare, he couldn’t interrupt them on the contrary, he wanted to see how far this was going to go +

After a few minutes Osamu made Atsu stand up and pinned down on the sofa. She just spread her legs to welcome Osamu as if this was part of their daily routine. Little did Suna know that it is in fact part of their routine. Fin

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