Today I will write about the intimate ties that Harvard University shares with China which has doled out billions of dollars for the University. We will also look at why Harvard has emerged as the world's leading higher education hub for the Chinese Communist order. (Thread)

Harvard University is the favourite and go-to University for Chinese President Xi Jinping. Let's understand why. This is Xi Mingzhe. She is the only daughter of Jinping and lovingly referred to as the Princess of China. Which university did she go to? Yes, Harvard University

Xi Mingzhe was enrolled at Harvard University under a pseudonym and was protected by bodyguards at all times. She did her undergraduate degree and then returned to complete her post graduate degree. Mingzhe was the reason why Xinping started a romance with Harvard University

What does China do when the daughter of its most powerful political figure is in love with her lifestyle in the US? Surely a few bodyguards isn't enough to protect their President's only daughter. So, China does what it does best. It starts flushing money into Harvard University.

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Okay getting back. Thanks to his daughter, Chinese President Xi started frequenting the University. Sometimes the visits were private but sometimes it was an official affair. He became close connected with Harvard University President Lawrence Bacow & his wife, Adele Fleet Bacow.

This picture shows Harvard University President Lawrence Bacow and his wife, Adele Fleet Bacow being received by the Chinese President at The Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 20, 2019. Trivia: Both Bacow and his wife tested positive for #COVID19 as early as March 24.

Soon after his daughter's enrolment, Xinping starts pumping money into Harvard. Another Ivy-league University Yale too starts receiving grants and gifts. Many top Chinese leaders enrolled their children into Yale. How much money do you think Harvard received from China?

A BILLION DOLLARS! @business reported that Harvard University was the biggest benefactor of grants & gifts from China. They declared 93.7 Million Dollars. It was understood that casual gifts routed through family members and daughter weren't accounted for.

USA was caught napping till the sheer volume of money started leaving trails everywhere. When the aid to Harvard crossed the amount of foreign aid USA doles out to countries like Pakistan, it alarmed them. State education department flagged the transactions at Harvard University.

In February 2020, USA declared that they are launching an investigation specifically into Harvard and Yale, as they have received... Wait for it...deep breath...hold on... 6.5 BILLION DOLLARS FROM CHINA & UAE. Yes, the Saudis entered into the picture too!

Do you think China is so foolish that it will gift billions to Harvard and Yale without any collateral? As it turns out, China had realised that the world's most brilliant minds teach there. It started approaching senior faculties and again, kept millions of dollars on the table.

China started a secret recruitment programme at Harvard. They bribed & recruited senior faculty members. With millions of dollars, it started outsourcing research topics to the faculties. The lab and brains were from the US but they were essentially working for Chinese interests.

An unfortunate victims was Charles Lieber, the chair professor of the department of chemistry and chemical biology. He was accused of hiding his involvement in China's Thousand Talents Plan, a secret communist programme. Lieber was arrested by the FBI

Prof. Lieber has been sacked from Harvard University. He has been indicted by the court for lying about getting bribed by China and taking part in a Communist programme. In his defence, Lieber has claimed that he is a victim and not a perpetrator

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Back. I will complete the thread now. Thanks for reading this far. China has set up its academic base at Harvard University right under the nose of @USAGov. Today, Harvard University and China are partnering on several research programmes, including a vaccine against Covid19

Imagine! The scientists are US nationals, the labs and equipments are located at Harvard University. BUT the research directly benefits China. Here's the Harvard Gazette claiming that China has donated $115 million to Harvard for research on #COVID19

To know how Harvard is being used by China for its own benefit, take a look at this research project. This is the Harvard-China project where China's Tsinghua University (known as the Harvard of China) is directly involved with several schools at Harvard.

Did China stop after setting up a higher education hub at Harvard? Or bribing professors to do research for them? Or setting up research projects to further its communist agendas? We are talking about China here. Here comes the most sinister activity that has unnerved even the US

China has set up a SPY RING at Harvard. It sends its spies disguised as students. These spies are specifically trained to steal intellectual property and research documents from the university labs and then send them back to China. Here is a Reuters report

Today, scientists from across Ivy league universities in the USA are under surveillance for spying for China and stealing of intellectual property. Here's an article about a nationwide programme launched by the Justice Department to stop this spy ring

USA has come down hard on China for theft of intellectual property. USA terms this as a theft to the tune of billions of dollars. Here's former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explaining how much USA is rattled. Don't forget Pompeo was head of CIA till 2018

Now, this is my favourite part. This is the part where Indian communists step in. We all know that some Indian Communists are unbelievably sympathetic towards China. Several such names have come to the fore during the war of narratives of the pandemic and the border conflict

China has increased its PR activity in foreign media, getting its way through high value advertisements and under-the-table bribes to journalists to write in favour of them. BUT not many know that China has instituted a global journalism training programme

Bribery and inducing corrupt practices is a standard practice in China. Scores of PR managers are used to bribe journalists. Here's a blog of a young PR person about how that works inside China. Problem is: These same methods won't work outside China. So?

This is the current situation. 1. Chinese students are under the scanner for spying. 2. US nationals (read Scientists) are wary to work on Chinese scientific projects. 3. Chinese money is being tracked. 4. Trump is attacking China frequently. 5. China's image is in the dumps

Since the Chinese cannot get the job done anymore, they have allegedly turned to Indians to work for them. Indian Communists have always been sympathetic to the Chinese but have never got any importance. But post Covid-19 scenarios have changed. China NOW needs Indian communists.

How does China get its work done by foreigners? They cherrypick communists from different countries and put them at positions of power at institutions that they control indirectly. Eg: Rules were flouted to make Tedros the Director General of WHO

If you are on that list, your life is made. Suddenly, you will find yourself catapulted to a position of power. Rules will be flouted and massive lobbying will take place to put you in charge. The position will come with one job: You will have to look after the interests of China

Apparently, India is part of a global Chinese recruitment programme which ropes in scientists, journalists and students from across the world and then brings them to the US. Allegedly, the respective Communist eco-systems are acting like talent spotters and facilitators

If you have been approached by a Communist for this programme. Then say 'No'. The world knows about this including USA. This attempt like most other Chinese programmes, is doomed. When it goes down, it will take you along. Stay safe. Stay aware. Thanks for reading. Thread Closed

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